Inspection Fee + Mobile Fee

The Inspection fee comes off final invoice bill. If unit is non-repairable, Inspection fee is non-refundable. 
Once estimate is approved, Inspection Fee on equipment goes towards total cost of service/repair on unit.

With Every Mobile Service We Perform an Inspection, You can even choice to have an Inspection on a machine your thinking about buying, All Inspections Cost $60 with the exception of some equipment like Riding mowers and zero turns the inspection for those are $80.

If your Getting a Service cause it wont run anymore and An we find out the equipment has low compression or damage, we will inform you of that and give you a price on the Repair cost and part cost, if you choice to not perform the work thats needed to complete a service, We will only charge the Inspection fee

We also service surrounding areas, so if your located more than 10kms away from our shop we charge a mobile fee, The Mobile fee is $0.50 Per Km Traveled after the 10km radius we have setup, The Mobile Fee maxes out at $30, Pre say someone Calling from Peterborough will have a mobile fee of $30 even if they are 100kms away, We would most likly Decline a job that far as we focus on Durham Region and would recommend bringing it to a shop near your house, however if you cannot do that We WILL come to you!