Myrepairs Programs And Discounts

At Myrepairs Small Engine Repairs And Services we Offer Extended Warranty, Those that wish to Purchase Extended Warranty can Ask the mechanic at the Site when the repair or service is being completed, If you Forget to mention it and our mechanic has already left we cannot help you as it has to be on the Final Invoice of the Service to be valid – Myrepairs

1 Month: 10% Of the Service Cost
3 Months: 30% of the Service Cost
6 Months: 60% of the Service Cost
12 Months: 100% of the Service Cost, if the service is $100 the 12 month warranty is $100

Were Offering a 10% Discount for people effected by Covid-19, You must Prove you received a CERB Check to Qualify, the 10% is taken off the final Invoice of a Service, This offer only Applies to Services.

At Myrepairs Small engines Services and Repairs We Offer Seniors a 10% Discount on Services, This Offer is Valid for people 55 Years of age or Older, The 10% Discount will be Taken off the Final Invoice

At Myrepairs Small engines Services and Repairs We Offer ODSP Clients a 10% Discount on Services, Proof of ODSP MAY be Asked to Qualify for the 10% discount, The 10% Discount is Taken off the Final Invoice.